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Skills Testing

Hire the right people

The cost of hiring the right candidate can be minimal, but the cost of hiring the wrong candidate is significant. Contemporary research finds that 66.1% of employers have lost substantial financial sums on hires that haven’t been successful.

It’s therefore of great interest for a business, such as yours, to invest its attention into ensuring that you are progressing the right candidates for your business. Skills testing is an innovative tool for highlighting candidates with the desired attributes for your business.

By using skills testing, you are significantly improving your chances of hiring the right candidate for your business’ needs and consequently, significantly reducing the risk of hiring the wrong candidate. 

Tailored skills testing 

While there are options for standardised tests to help your business make the right decision when hiring the right candidate, your business will benefit from skills tests that are specifically tailored to your business’ needs; aiding you to find the right candidate.

Skills tests can be tailored to your specific vacancy; allowing you to test candidates on their English and numerical reasoning skills in addition to specific technical attributes, such as their proficiency on computer packages (eg. Microsoft Office) or accounting software (eg. SAGE).

By utilising our tailored skills tests to highlight the calibre of your candidates, your business will be in the fortuitous position of being able to hire skilled and tested candidates.

Your tailored skills tests can be implemented, conducted and evaluated at any stage of your recruitment process by our experienced and trained consultants. 

Please contact us to find out more about how CMD skills testing can complement your recruitment process.

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