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Using our extensive sales and marketing talent network to place candidates across B2B and B2C businesses.

Sales and marketing – the ultimate partnership.

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. For any successful modern business, the functions need to work together seamlessly. But, the personalities and skillsets have grown more complex and specific as sales become more specialist and hybrid-marketers become more common.

CMD have the strongest network of active and passive talent in the South West. A bold statement, but it's true. We’ve worked with some of the leading sales and marketing talent in the region, allowing us to source effective sales and marketing professionals that will become essential to the success of your business strategies, no matter what sector you’re operating in. We've got a network of talent spanning B2B and B2C specialisms.

We proactively identify, engage and qualify emerging talent in the area so our database is constantly evolving.

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From the outside, the available talent pool for sales and marketing looks plentiful. But in reality, the fast-paced nature of the world we operate in has meant driving business growth in an ever more competitive and globalised environment has become a bigger challenge than ever.

Sales recruitment is challenging. Finding, and motivating great sales talent is not an easy feat. Your business needs to be competitive and nurture sales candidates correctly in order to retain the best. Marketing has got ever more complex. The subdisciplines that have emerged as a result of digital marketing, as well as the continued requirement for traditional and strategic marketing skills, has meant the makeup of a successful marketing team is more complex than most other departments. Specialist marketers are becoming more common with the increased demand for SEO, PPC and digital advertising.

CMD have a deep understanding of the changing requirements of modern sales and marketing functions and how these priorities vary from business to business. Whether your business growth is reliant on savvy account managers, or aggressive, go-getting new business talent we have the network to meet your needs. When it comes to hiring your next marketing employee, we can help you identify the right talent. Whether you’re looking for talent specialising in in-house, strategic marketing campaigns or a short-term branding and digital project worker, we have the connections to help your business.

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The Consultants from our dedicated Sales and Marketing consultancy have seen first-hand the way these disciplines have evolved, and the bottom line business value high-quality sales and marketing professionals can have. We have honed a candidate network in line with these changes, giving you access to the most effective sales and marketing talent available in the South West. 

Recently Filled Roles

Marketing Director - Full Time - Chippenham
Role filled: 3 weeks

"Our client came to us with fears their marketing department had limited direction over the past few years and needed an analytical but creative Marketing Director with a strong understanding of strategy and the ability to lead a team. A candidate immediately came to mind and after a few successful interviews they were placed, and the vacancy was filled."

Joe Lacey – Recruitment Consultant

Sales Manager – Full time - Calne
Role filled: 2 weeks

"A new client came to us with a sales team that had recently lost a handful of their best talent. They were losing money on a daily basis, but we managed to help fill the gap and had a new sales-person inducted, fully trained and bringing in revenue within a month."

Helen Tilson - Recruitment Consultant

Find your Perfect Candidate

  1. Information Gathering: Your dedicated consultant will start with an information gathering exercise including meeting with you, visiting your offices, talking about what has and hasn't worked well in the past and analysing your employer brand.
  2. The Shortlist: Based on the data we gather we'll develop a shortlist of fully screened, qualified candidates from our extensive network. We'll present back to you with an easy to follow summary sheet to save time for the hiring manager.
  3. Channel Selection: Based on our research, we'll identify the most effective recruitment methods and the best channels for your business to advertise on. These will be signed off by you before anything goes live.
  4. Honest Communication: We'll maintain smooth and prompt communication between you and the candidate and we'll host weekly update calls to provide you
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