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Supplying clients with IT and design specialists from our extensive network.

IT and Design.

Every modern business now is completely reliant on IT and visual digital communication. So, the importance of high quality IT and design specialists has never been more prevalent. Whether you’re a multinational corporation, or a small business the right level of IT support and expertise and management of a visually appealing digital footprint is absolutely critical to success.

CMD will advise you on the level of IT support you need based on the complexity of your business and we’ll give you access to the highest quality design candidates in the region, on a temporary or permanent basis depending on your needs.

We proactively identify, engage and qualify emerging talent in the area so our database is constantly evolving.

Find your Perfect Candidate

1. Information Gathering: Your dedicated Consultant will start with an information gathering exercise including meeting with you, visiting your offices, talking about what has and hasn't worked well in the past and analysing your employer brand.

2. The Shortlist: Based on the data we gather we'll develop a shortlist of fully screened, qualified candidates from our extensive network. We'll present back to you with an easy to follow summary sheet to save time for the hiring manager.

3. Channel Selection: Based on our research, we'll identify the most effective recruitment methods and the best channels for your business to advertise on. These will be signed off by you before anything goes live.

4. Honest Communication: We'll maintain smooth and prompt communication between you and the candidate and we'll host weekly update calls to provide you with honest feedback on the success of the recruitment channels and wider feedback from the candidate base.

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IT candidates tend to be more passive, whereas design candidates are often used to working freelance and contract so are usually more active. Understanding how these candidates operate is our solution to sourcing the best talent.

CMD take a bespoke approach to both disciplines. Because we know our candidates well, we understand their behaviour and motivations when it comes to their career. As a result, we take a different approach when sourcing and engaging with more passive IT candidates, to when we source and engage with design talent.

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Meet the Team

Digital Designer - Contract - Trowbridge
Roles filled: 2 weeks  

"Our client mentioned in passing that they thought their website could do with a total redesign. After a proper discussion, we found out they had the web capability in-house but no access to a Digital Designer to ensure the front end was designed with user experience in mind. We solved that problem quickly by assisting with interviews, and placing a like-minded, creative candidate into their vacancy."

Amelia Taylor – Senior Consultant 

Software Development - Contract - Bath
Role filled: 3 weeks

"Our client was in need of a Software Developer who specialised in App development to design and build an app they could take to market within just 3 months. We scoured through our strong candidate database to find the most highly-skilled Developer we could. Their App now has higher engagement rates than their actual website."

Nicola Bullivent – Senior Consultant