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We understand the challenges in your sector and combine that knowledge with our extensive network to recruit the highest quality operatives and drivers, so your business can deliver results.

Industrial and Driving. 

In spite of an ever increasing and well-publicised reliance on technology, industrial and manufacturing industries still rely heavily on the efficiency and effectiveness of their human capital. Whether it’s logistics; retail; haulage; building; governmental or manufacturing and production, the likelihood is some (or all) of your business success is built on getting goods from A to B, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Without competent, experienced and safe drivers that’s simply not possible.

CMD are proud to operate in the South West of England. With a diverse and thriving economy, industrial and manufacturing businesses are one of the largest sectors in the region, playing a key role in the success of the local economy.  CMD understand how important it is that you comply with important legislation like the Immigration, DCPC, The Working Time Directive and ensure safety skills and awareness for all drivers are maintained. 

With the logistics industry moving fast, we know that we have to work with our clients to support their needs. We understand your challenges and we’ve got strong relationships with drivers at all levels across the South West.

We proactively identify, engage and qualify emerging talent in the area so our database is constantly evolving.

Find your Perfect Candidate

1. Information Gathering: Your dedicated consultant will start with an information gathering exercise including meeting with you, visiting your offices, talking about what has and hasn't worked well in the past and analysing your employer brand.

2. The Shortlist: Based on the data we gather we'll develop a shortlist of fully screened, qualified candidates from our extensive network. We'll present back to you with an easy to follow summary sheet to save time for the hiring manager.

3. Channel Selection: Based on our research, we'll identify the most effective recruitment methods and the best channels for your business to advertise on. These will be signed off by you before anything goes live.

4. Honest Communication: We'll maintain smooth and prompt communication between you and the candidate and we'll host weekly update calls to provide you with honest feedback on the success of the recruitment channels and wider feedback from the candidate base.

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Driver shortages have been an industry hot topic for some time. However, the importance of the driving and logistics sector to the UK economy, and the increasing pressure on delivery times due to the rise of online shopping means that the demand for drivers is likely to increase.

Globalisation has also led to a significant shift in the way industrial and manufacturing organisations maintain a competitive advantage. Not all operatives can be globally outsourced, so savvy management of higher cost workforce on the ground is critical.

Thanks to initiatives like the Apprenticeship Levy and significant work by the Government and sector bodies to raise awareness of the opportunities for long-term careers, we are seeing an impact on the volume of quality trained drivers available. Because CMD have been immersed in the professional driving community in the South West since our beginnings, we have an extensive network of qualified, reliable and safe HGV drivers on our books.

High levels of productivity and output are essential to justify the substantially higher labour costs in the West and to maintain a competitive edge against others in your industry who invest more in labour outsourcing. The impact of inefficiencies on the bottom line is arguably more pronounced in the industrial sector than any other. That’s why CMD are committed to the combined delivery of quality and speed of hire in this industry. 

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Meet the Team

CMD operates an extensive network of reliable, experienced and fully qualified drivers to meet all of your transport and logistics requirements. We pride ourselves on our extensive network of industrial and manufacturing talent across the South West. 

4 x HGV Class 1 Driver – Temporary – UK Wide
Role filled: 1 week

"Our client regularly needs additional drivers on a pro-rata basis. We sourced from our trusted candidate network to quickly fill our client's vacancies with qualified, professional drivers."

Becky Inker - Account Manager

Quality Inspector – Contract Role - Melksham
Role filled: 3 weeks 

"Due to company growth, our client needed to quickly recruit a quality inspector with extensive experience for a contract role. The candidate we placed was such a perfect fit our client turned it into a permanent 
role and took on their candidate full-time."

Ashleigh Church - Industrial Account Manager