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Using our extensive network to place HR candidates that match the exact needs of your organisation’s workforce.

A modern HR function.

The HR function has changed. The breadth of skills and knowledge required are more complex in a modern HR team. Great talent is available but knowing the right combination of characteristics and experience that will positively impact your business and bottom line isn't always easy. That's what we're here for.

CMD has the strongest network of skilled and talented professionals across the South West, allowing us to provide our clients with consistently excellent candidates.

We’ve worked with some of the leading HR talent in the South West. The South West region boasts some of the most exciting industries in the UK. We’ve got an HR network to suit them all.

One of the critical KPIs for our Consultants is regular communication with their candidate network, even when we don't have an active role to share, resulting in a candidate network that trusts us implicitly.

We proactively identify, engage and qualify emerging talent in the area so our database is constantly evolving. 

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“The HR function has evolved beyond recognition. Talent has to be tech-savvy, strategic, creative and empathetic.”

Responsibilities of the HR function are now expansive. It's no longer just a case of providing traditional support around workplace disputes, hiring and employee benefits. HR now need to capture and analyse workforce data for strategic decision making; design and implement creative employee engagement strategies and understand the changing behaviour of modern workforces and how these affect motivation and work practices. 

have a deep understanding of the changing requirements of a modern HR function and how these priorities vary from business to business. We run an information gathering exercise at the beginning of every new brief to understand your culture and objectives, matching you with HR talent that will get the most out of your biggest asset: your workforce.

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Meet the Team

The Consultants from our dedicated Human Resources sector have seen first-hand the way the discipline has evolved and the business value an excellent HR team can deliver. We have honed a candidate network in line with these changes, giving you access to the most effective HR talent available in the market.

Recently Filled Roles

HR Director - Full Time - Bath 
Role filled: 5 weeks 

"Our long-term client needed a forward-thinking HR Director who understood the importance of people to their strategic direction and fit the company culture due to the small size of the team. We assisted them in interviewing candidates and advised them on salary options before they filled their vacancy with their perfect candidate."

Jose Garcia-Brennan - Senior Consultant

Employee Benefits Project - Interim - Bath
Role filled: 2 weeks 

"Our client didn't have the budget to take on a full-time employee but needed dynamic changes made to their benefits programme. We worked quickly to find them a candidate that fit the vacancy and had the required experience needed to complete the project."

Hannah Chiffers - Senior Consultant

Find your Perfect Candidate

  1. Information Gathering: Your dedicated Consultant will start with an information gathering exercise including meeting with you, visiting your offices, talking about what has and hasn't worked well in the past and analysing your employer brand.
  2. The Shortlist Based: on the data we gather we'll develop a shortlist of fully screened, qualified candidates from our extensive network. We'll present back to you with an easy to follow summary sheet to save time for the hiring manager.
  3. Channel Selection: Based on our research, we'll identify the most effective recruitment methods and the best channels for your business to advertise on. These will be signed off by you before anything goes live.
  4. Honest Communication: We'll maintain smooth and prompt communication between you and the candidate and we'll host weekly update calls to provide you with honest feedback on the success of the recruitment channels and wider feedback from the candidate base.