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Matching Engineering and Technical talent with career opportunities in the South West. 

Engineering and Technical. 

The South West region hosts a number of significant clusters of industrial and R&D activity. It is one of the UK’s top performing regions in terms of patents, especially covering the Engineering and Technical sectors. As a result of the region’s fantastic strength in the sector, the South West is a really attractive option for technical talent, allowing CMD to reach outside of the local talent pool, easily attracting fresh candidates from outside of the South West to join our growing economy.

Whether it’s hands-on technical candidates performing specific tangible tasks or advanced engineering candidates, we’ve got the pick of the local talent and we use the region’s reputation for innovation to reach out and attract the best of the rest from the UK.

We proactively identify, engage and qualify emerging talent in the area so our database is constantly evolving.

Find your Perfect Candidate

1. Information Gathering: Your dedicated consultant will start with an information gathering exercise including meeting with you, visiting your offices, talking about what has and hasn't worked well in the past and analysing your employer brand.

2. The Shortlist: Based on the data we gather we'll develop a shortlist of fully screened, qualified candidates from our extensive network. We'll present back to you with an easy to follow summary sheet to save time for the hiring manager.

3. Channel Selection: Based on our research, we'll identify the most effective recruitment methods and the best channels for your business to advertise on. These will be signed off by you before anything goes live.

4. Honest Communication: We'll maintain smooth and prompt communication between you and the candidate and we'll host weekly update calls to provide you with honest feedback on the success of the recruitment channels and wider feedback from the candidate base.

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Government investment in UK wide STEM programmes for emerging talent, along with the focus on attracting more females into the profession from school age means there's never been a more exciting and diverse candidate pool to choose from.

The South West has the pick of these candidates. Its reputation for innovation and development goes before it. However, there are other regions in the UK boasting really exciting developments. Good Engineering and Technical candidates have the pick of the roles. Let CMD help you attract those candidates into the South West, supporting our great region’s continued growth and innovation. 

Find your Perfect Engineering or Technical Candidate

Meet the Team

The Consultants from our dedicated Engineering and Technical sector work tirelessly to engage with the best of local talent and expand their network UK wide to identify the best of the talent from outside the region. CMD can give you access to the broadest and best quality-skilled talent network available. 

CAD Designer - Full Time - Devizes
Roles filled: 3 weeks

"Our client needed a qualified CAD Designer to assist their expanding team and help during their busier periods. After a few rounds of interviews, we found the perfect candidate; the skills the candidate already had, along with her ability to learn quickly on the job have meant within three months she’s become a crucial part of their operation."

Jose Garcia Brennan – Senior Consultant 


Mechanical Fitter – Contract - Chippenham
Role filled: 1 week

"Our client needed someone quickly to fill a sudden long-term sickness vacancy, who needed to be ready to start immediately and work around various shift patterns. I immediately had a few people in mind and after a few interviews, we successfully filled the vacancy for our long-term client."

Linda Keeney – Industrial Manager