3 months ago by Dan Barfoot

To Feedback Or Not

CMD Recruitment to feedback or not

With job applications at an all-time high, how employers are handling the application process and presenting feedback to candidates is a hot topic. Our Operations Manager, Dan Barfoot discusses the importance of feedback in more detail: 

I have been reading more and more about candidates in this market not hearing back from their applications. In the current market, many employers are receiving a record number of job-ad responses and as an employer, can you cope with the volume of applications and if you can’t, are you willing to appease the brand damage that could come with it?

As a recruitment business, for many years we have used an applicant tracking system (ATS) which is geared for high and low volume recruitment. While an ATS can sometimes provide limited feedback to a candidate, don’t underestimate how important this feedback is in helping the candidate stay up to date with their job search.

As a client’s brief will detail, recruiters are looking for candidates which tick as many boxes as possible. While a candidate may have transferrable skills, clients ultimately make the decision which we relay; with or without feedback.

As a candidate in this market, you need to make sure you’re doing all you can to stand out. Even the simplest of best practices like spell checking your CV can make all the difference in being shortlisted.

Candidates also need to be mindful of where they place their CVs and ensure they don’t solely rely on a recruiter. While some employers primarily advertise themselves and have the resource to handle applications themselves, some employers are asking us to manage some of the process, if not all, to ease the pressure.

At CMD Recruitment, we don’t simply fill roles, we support you with many aspects of the recruitment process with value added services, from onboarding, referencing, filtering CVs and out placements. Don’t hesitate and get in touch to find out more.