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Upping Your Game in Lockdown

Upping Your Game in Lockdown

July 1, 2020

With lockdown throwing an unpredictable change to everyone’s daily activities, there seems to be increased pressure to showcase new tasks and talents achieved whilst at home.

Our Industrial Manager, Linda Keeney, relieves some of that guilt accrued from pressure by commenting on options available to “up your game” but most importantly, at your own pace. 

With months of lockdown behind us, and as I’m sure many of you can relate, I have felt the pressure to have utilised the time at home more effectively and feel that by now I should at least have a six-pack and a few additional qualifications under my belt! But instead of feeling guilty that this is not the case, today is another day to move forward and reset.

For those of you out there fortunate enough to have employment to return to, brushing up your current skill set is a great way to keep your mind sharp, keep some form of routine and prepare yourself for returning to work.

With this in mind, it is worth asking your employer if they have anything to offer, perhaps funding for an online course or qualification relevant to your role. It is also worth having a good look at online colleges and learning platforms, as during this time, many are offering large discounts and some are even free, catering to all budgets.

In addition to this, if your role is not office based, there are many other ways you can prepare. For example, if you are working within the retail or beauty industry, look online for new practices, methods, and upcoming trends to ensure you are up to date and ahead of the game on your return.

If you are currently unemployed or have unfortunately been made redundant due to COVID – 19, I appreciate it must be a very unsettling and difficult time not knowing what the future holds and even what jobs will be available to you, when the time comes. You can still use this time however, to stay positive, reflect, and perhaps even decide on that new path or direction you have been meaning to take for some time.

Firstly, deciding on what you really want is essential, as there is no point in carrying out a course or additional training that doesn’t hold your interest or not really your dream for the future, just because it’s free or accessible.

There is also plenty of career advice and guidance out there to assist if you are really uncertain about your next move.  Success doesn’t come easy but decide what you want and start your journey on achieving it!

It’s never too late to upskill or start again and become the best version of yourself.

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