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How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Perception

How COVID-19 Has Changed Our Perception

June 22, 2020

Having time to reflect, rethink, and revise is a powerful tool. This is something we have been able to do in lockdown. Has the effect of us having to adjust our working ways, communication and lifestyle opened up new approaches we can implement moving forward? Our Recruitment Consultant, Dan Pyle comments more: 

With the outbreak of Covid-19 leading to lockdown and a large majority of Businesses either shut temporarily or massively adapting their working ways and an increase of employees working remotely from home, on furlough or potential redundancy, this was and is still a very strange time in our lifetimes.

With the uncertainty and length of time we shall all be at home and the wait for a date where it will be a safe option to return to the office (and it’s new normality of an office lifestyle), I have been reflecting on how the changes have affected us all.

Managing your time whilst at home, maintaining some kind of routine, and stability to ensure sanity is continued is essential.
I have been juggling the mixture of working from home and home schooling my 3 Children whilst my Wife continues to go out to work as a Key Worker as a Nurse. I have a whole new level of respect for teachers and assistants that is for sure!

The impact that this change to the normality of our lifestyle has been relatively smooth for the children. They enjoy closer contact as a family, although as the weeks have passed frustration has begun to creep in as we are all missing our extended family and friends.
With the use of social media and live web links, the connection has been able to remain, and if anything has become stronger as you now prioritise making the effort and time to call or send a message. Something that would often be put off or delayed during the previous routine.

Regular contact through the variety of channels including Whatsapp, Facebook, Zoom, and Instagram to mention a few, have, in my opinion, increased a stronger bond and relationship between family, work colleagues, and friends.

A simple message containing a meme, photo, joke, an update, or question as a conversation starter can bring a whole team to be involved and open a host of different conversations and opinions.
We all have days where you feel nothing is going well and it is important to take the time to reach out and air your worries as more often than not there is someone else going through or have been through the same situations.

I am personally feeling positive for the return to the office environment with the outbreak of Covid-19 having produced a stronger and more determined team.

Yes, it is going to be hard to return to an office environment and business taking a little longer to develop and bounceback, however, with a strong team and workforce all working towards the same aim and objective, we will all be stronger and more determined to ensure we succeed.

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