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10 Years at CMD: Jose

Jose Garcia-Brennan

This February, we celebrate the 10 year anniversary of one of our most experienced Senior Consultants. Jose is based out of our Melksham office assisting clients across the South-West. 

We spoke with Jose about what’s changed in the last 10 years, and how it feels to be one of CMD’s longest standing members.

Congratulations on 10 years at CMD! Can you believe it?

No, I can’t. How time flies, huh?!

Can you remember what your interview was like/how you were approached by CMD/Dan/Tim?

I was contacted by Tim and we had a pretty informal meeting at a local pub in Devizes – 10 years later and here I am!

And where were you first based? I’m assuming we didn’t have 4 offices back then!

I was first based in Devizes and spent 7 years there. When I first joined, we just had offices in Devizes, Calne and Marlborough and since then have expanded into Melksham and Bath. 

How many of you were there back in 2009?

I believe there were about 7 of us when I joined in February 2009 and that included both Directors, Tim and Dan! When I first started there was just myself and 1 other Consultant in the Commercial team. Now we have 16 Consultants specialising in that area!

How was it progressing through the years? Did you move from each office or straight to Melksham?

When I joined CMD, there were just a few of us working out of a small office in Devizes.

Over the next several years, we had moved a couple more times to smarter and larger offices in the town before finally settling in the Market Place.

I moved to the Melksham office in January 2017, as that’s where our main Commercial team were based. I have since developed my role into a Manager, looking after a great team of 7 Consultants and Candidate Managers.

What has been like to see CMD grow from a small team of 7 to now a large firm of 30?

It really has been an amazing journey. I have certainly seen a few people come and go here at CMD but it’s certainly not a revolving door culture and we have a good core of individuals who have now been at the company for a good 5+ years now.

The Christmas and Summer parties are certainly a lot bigger these days!

You’ve said yourself that it’s “practically unheard of” for a consultant to stay with the same agency for so long – what do you think it is about CMD that has kept you here for so long?

When I first met Tim back in early 2009, I had already amassed about 12 years recruitment experience from my time in Surrey, London and Central Bath. He was keen to point out that I did not really need managing due to my experience and he was happy to give me a free rein.

Both the Directors here acknowledge individuals experience and treat us like the competent adults we are! Too many agencies are heavily KPI and target driven and even micro-manage their experienced staff - this can cause consultants to become ‘bums-on-seats recruiters’ and forget they are actually dealing with people rather than products! With the pressurised environment they are forced to work in, recruitment consultants tend to move on every couple of years.

The consultants here at CMD Recruitment know what is expected of them to provide a great service to clients and we are pretty much left to get on with it! Of course, the support is there if you need it, and we have a wonderful team full of helpful people, but the free rein to do your job is definitely one of the reasons we are where we are today.

Moving forward, what do you see in the future – for both CMD and for yourself?

Over the past two years CMD have really soared when it comes to company development; from opening an office in central Bath to bringing in an additional 14 people, our rate of growth has really shot up! It seems we’re forever ordering more desks and computers but it’s hugely rewarding seeing the success of the company and I can’t wait to see what the company has in store in the coming years.