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2019's Recruitment Pressures - Are you Prepared?

2019 Recruitment Pressures

We spoke to CMD Recruitment Business Development Manager, Laura Westall, about what she thinks businesses need to be prepared for throughout 2019. 

With the year drawing to a close and the focus turning to 2019, there are many tests that the UK faces over the coming months. Without mentioning Brexit, we wonder where your business will be this time next year with the recruitment challenges that lie ahead. 

What hurdles will you need to overcome in 2019 and do you have a strategy to approach these threats?

Retention, Retention, Retention!

Retaining your staff and protecting the workforce needs to be any businesses biggest priority.

We have observed a huge increase in the investment being made into benefits packages, training calendars, playing to key individual interests and implementing staff feedback.

Future hires are already prioritising their search based on how a business will invest into them and, in many cases, ranking this over Salary.

A few questions business owners will need to begin asking themselves are; What benefits does your business currently offer? Can you add to this package? Do you upskill your staff and take on board their thoughts and opinions?

Make your business so appealing that not only will your personnel not want to leave but your applications will increase. Be an employer of choice!

Candidate Networking

With uncertainty surrounding the business market; are candidates holding off their search for new employment until developments unfold? Or have they lost faith in applying into a market where CV’s seem to get swallowed up into a black hole and met with no response?

Building a candidate network of applicants who might be right for the future will allow businesses to be reactive and efficient. If you plan to grow in 2019 and the right individual is available now can you swallow up the cost to save on time and money later down the line?

Maybe there is a particular skill set that you regularly desire; how can you work smarter to attract this talent now?

Be sure to respond to all applications and build a database of potentials. What we know for sure is that at some point in 2019, we will see certainty return to the market, which will hopefully encourage candidates to seek new roles.

Salary Competitive

When was the last time you reviewed the market trends and realigned your salaries to remain competitive?

Yes, not all businesses have an unlimited salary pot to draw from. However, stop and think about the cost that’s involved in a business experiencing a high turnover, and the hidden cost in hiring/training a new starter. Not to mention the time this takes!

Would talent remain if you're offering the market rate?

Over time longstanding employees become more valuable when you take into consideration their knowledge of the company and their career within the business.  

For more advice on salary information, and what can be expected from the 2019 market, click here to see how you can get your hands on our 2019 Salary Guide and Market Insights Report.


It’s been said that the average length of time to fill a position in this current climate can easily extend past the average 60 days. With competition for talent being so fierce can you streamline your processes to be more efficient without compromising on quality?

From when you make the decision to recruit, all the way up to the new starter commencing employment, have you thought about putting together a strict timeline?

How long you will advertise; when will you shortlist; are there any internal discussions need to be made; and when will interviews take place? These are all key elements that if defined/diarised from the start of the process can make you more effectual.  

Sharing this timeline with your partnered agency or even sharing this on your own adverts will demonstrate to potential talent your commitment to a process and you’re serious about working smart.

Strong Partnerships

In a market which is heavily driven by the candidate, a shortage of skills and time being more and more squeezed by business pressures, you may look to draw upon external help.

When choosing to work with a recruitment agency it’s imperative you work with one who truly becomes an extension of your business and works with you in partnership.

Our experience is only successful when we really know a business well and can understand where you have come from and where your business goals are leading you. How can you match a candidate to a business without knowing this information?

Further to this how can a provider offer support without knowing culture fit, business values, working practices and management fit?

Have you given your PSL/current provider a really good MOT recently? What’s working and what isn’t working? Maybe it’s time to try a new approach? Could you be achieving more for your money?

Investing with a provider will give you more effective/successful outcomes for the long-term. 

Social Impact

Candidates are hesitant to post their CV onto various job boards, so are you missing out on attracting talent from Social Media channels?

With Google launching their job board platform earlier this year it’s only a matter of time until the likes of Facebook, Twitter and others follow suit.

However, the power of followers and posts can be an influential tool already. Approximately two-thirds of businesses still don’t use social media to attract talent, despite the average user spending nearly 2 hours on social media every day.

Final Thoughts

Unemployment is at its lowest since 1975 which is, in many opinions, a fantastic statistic. Great that so many people are contributing to businesses and the economy.  The unemployment rate, however, is generating a fight for the top talent in a shortage of skills, making recruitment more challenging than ever before.

Making small changes and taking a different approach, can make you more attractive, more efficient and deliver you long-term successes.

For more information on how CMD Recruitment can assist with you hurdles and help you create a talent strategy for 2019, please get in touch with Laura Westall, Business Development Manager.