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Why it's Well Worth Finding a Reputable Recruitment Service

Reputable Recruitment Service

How an excellent recruitment agency adds real value for clients and candidates. 

Lesley Price of CMD Recruitment says an excellent recruitment agency delivers real value.

“As a recruitment consultant with over 14 years’ experience I’ve learned a thing or two about how to develop careers and build talented teams.

I’m passionate about recruiting for the employment skills sector, helping to bring people back into the workforce and develop the skills they need to succeed.”

Our survey requested feedback from business executives on their views about recruitment. We found 82% of those using recruitment services were happy with results, but we also received feedback that the costs of recruitment are “too high” for some businesses. 

I wholeheartedly believe that there is significant value added by a good recruitment service and that the best recruiters provide excellent value for money. 

My specialism is employment skills training, and I recruit for welfare to work, employment skills training and apprenticeship programmes. Although budgets are tight in this sector, my clients understand that the cost of a bad hire can be extremely high for business in terms of lost opportunity and disruption to the team - and that CMD’s recruitment service delivers value time and again. 

Recruiters provide support.

A candidate said today “I appreciate you calling me and spending so much time advising me.”

Recruitment consultants can really support people as they navigate the tricky process of recruitment. That’s our specialism. We’re the conduit linking clients to candidates and the more support we offer through the process, the more likely a successful placement.

Our service is free for candidates, and we’re only paid by clients when a placement is successful. So it’s vitally important for recruiters that our placements succeed.

But there’s more to it than money (as those of us working in the education and training sector are well aware). I take pride in delivering my best for the candidates and businesses that I work with.

I understand that a timely message wishing the candidate luck, or checking in with a client after 
the first week are the supportive touches that can make all the difference. 

It’s about understanding people and business.

What works best in recruitment is truly understanding the requirements of the role and the character of the candidate. I am convinced that even in this digital age, a great recruitment service can save employees and employers time and trouble, and finds the right person the right role more effectively than a simple internet search can.

Today there are hundreds of job boards, advertising hundreds of thousands of jobs, and employers can post jobs on Facebook in just a few moments.

Savvy candidates will simply upload their CV’s, create job alerts, and apply for roles on their mobile devices whilst having a coffee, or on the bus home.

Likewise, the employer can advertise easily on digital platforms to attract candidates, and if there are thousands online then there must be thousands of applicants to choose from. Upload the role and wait for the applications to roll in.

If that were true then there would be no place for agencies, but we know it’s really not that simple.

Information overload requires focused expertise.

Although the speed and availability of job boards have revolutionised recruitment, engaging an agency really does add value.

A good agency will help you hone in on your perfect job opportunity. A good agent helps you tailor your CV, and will make sure it gets to the right hiring manager, and a good agent offers supportive feedback in your job search.

For the candidate, a good agency will:

  • Support with CV writing – critique your current CV and suggest improvements
  • Ensure your CV is up to date, has no unexplained gaps (we can help you to explain any gaps effectively) and is ordered and legible and in an easily readable format.
  • Help you to tailor your CV to the specific job role highlighting key achievements
  • Provide all the relevant information about the job role including the full job description and person specification which is unlikely to be on the job boards in any detail
  • Provide the details of the company and any research on any specifics of the job role
  • Suggest other current opportunities you may wish to consider that you may not have been aware of
  • Register you for any suitable future roles
  • Help with interview advice and negotiate alternative interview dates if required
  • Support with salary negotiation if successful
  • Provide constructive feedback if unsuccessful and talk through any development or required training that may be beneficial or aid future success and direct you to the most appropriate training organisation in your location

For the hiring managers, a good agency will:

  • Support your strategic goals – helping you plan for the future and stay updated on the jobs market in your sector and your region
  • Assist you in creating an eye-catching job advert and help you reach the right audience – including those who aren’t actively searching for jobs today
  • Communicate the requirements of the role to the applicants
  • Screen and shortlist the candidates
  • Assist in arranging interviews
  • Offer options such as leading assessment centres

Our service is FREE to candidates.

It costs nothing for job seekers to engage with a recruitment agency – what we do for our candidates is totally free of charge.

Recruitment agencies are paid by employers when the candidate they represent is successfully placed into a role.

It is in recruiters’ commercial and professional best interests to fill roles successfully, as well as this being a matter of personal pride for the best agents. We work hard to build trust with our candidates and clients, and truly understand the needs of both the employer and applicant.

I believe that as recruiters we have a duty to represent both the candidate and the employer in their best light, with open communication and honest feedback the key to success in the recruitment process.

Recruitment can be a long-term partnership.

Last week I spoke to a contact in the training sector, who I first spoke with over ten years ago.

We had a career catchup, shared a bit of industry gossip, and chatted about potential opportunities. Recruiters sometimes have a bad name, but I work hard to deliver an excellent service. I take personal pride in my professional reputation and network, as it’s key to successful recruitment, and I can confidently say that the same applies to all consultants here at CMD.

Please look for accredited agencies, and protect your personal details.

Sadly, I am well aware that not all agencies deliver best practice services. It infuriates me to see disreputable players in recruitment!

Please beware of agencies who ring up out of the blue offering you an interview for a job you did not know about. It is not acceptable for a recruiter to pluck your C.V. straight off the job boards and put you forward for roles without your permission. It is not in the best interest of jobseeker or employer; it’s also lazy, shoddy and totally against the professional codes of conduct for recruiters.

Remember that your CV has your personal details on it. Be careful who you trust with it, and look for a reputable professional agency, one registered with a professional trade association, to support you in your job search.

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As a recruiter with many years’ experience in the sector of employment skills training, it’s my personal and professional mission to raise the standard for reputable recruitment and demonstrate that best practice is the key to success.

I work hard to connect the right people to the right opportunities, offering honest advice, helpful information, and genuine support through the recruitment process.