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What Companies Think of Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Service

To learn what businesses really think about future challenges in recruitment we commissioned a survey. 

At CMD Recruitment our aim is to deliver an excellent recruitment service, and so we surveyed decision-makers about their future recruitment needs. 

We wanted to know what businesses value most from recruitment services, and we wanted honest feedback. So this summer, CMD commissioned Censuswide to survey 750 business decision-makers about the future of recruitment. We wanted to learn more about how they attract and retain talent, hear views on how Brexit is affecting recruitment, and find out what different sectors think about how AI might impact jobs in the future.

Is more flexibility the key to attracting talent?

We asked business owners about what flexibility on benefits they offer to attract and retain staff.

What are the issues with retaining staff?

Our survey showed employees are more likely to be poached by competitors when working for larger firms. Less than 3% of sole traders cited this as a problem compared to 29% of businesses with 250-500 employees.

What do decision-makers think about recruitment agencies?

Although only half of those we surveyed used recruitment agencies, 82% of those that do are pleased with the results. 59% agree and 23% strongly agree that “Recruitment agencies play a key role in my recruitment strategy and I am happy to use them.”

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