about 1 year ago by Jenny Macdonald

Developing Talented Teams: Our Youngest New Starters


CMD Recruitment is all about developing talented teams.

We welcome professionals no matter how they got to us. Whether they hold qualifications from the academic sector or are on the apprenticeship pathway, we like to prove there are several routes to employment, each as valid as the other.

We’re highly impressed with Tanith, Meg & Rachel, the youngest of our new starters, each of whom took a different route before joining CMD.

So we asked them to tell us a bit about their background and learning experiences, and why they chose to work at CMD Recruitment.

Who: Rachel Poole
What: Candidate Manager

Why: Studying business studies at Uni meant I could go into a wide range of industry sectors and develop what I had learnt so far to take into the real world of work. But having just finished Uni and moving back home I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do next.

A few family and friends recommended me to go to CMD Recruitment for help and advice so I could get on my feet and narrow down what I really wanted to do. However, I then thought the company itself would be a great place to start as recruitment includes such a variety of different skills and responsibilities that I know I can learn a lot from as well as hearing they were genuinely a caring company.

Dan got back in contact very quickly and before I knew it I was offered to start. Though I’ve only been here a few weeks, I have really enjoyed learning and understanding the processes of recruitment whilst finally putting my years of education and degree knowledge into practice.

Everyone has been so friendly and helpful making it a great environment to work in. I look forward to settling in more and becoming part of a fantastic team.

Who: Meg Fenner – Jamieson
What: Digital Marketing Executive

Why: After choosing not to go to Uni and instead pursue an apprenticeship in Marketing, I spent 2 years with a local IT company learning ‘the ropes’ and getting to grips with the basics of the marketing industry.

I feel like going through an Apprenticeship rather than University worked best for me personally as I was able to learn on the job and apply my practical knowledge each day as I progressed through the role.

When I left my previous position, I knew I was looking for somewhere that would allow me to grow my knowledge and give me opportunities to put in to practice the skills I had spent years learning. It wasn’t long until Hannah contacted me and sent me for a few interviews before offering me an interview here. 

Now, I’m 6 months in and loving every minute - I've already managed to progress within CMD and have even started looking at more professional training! I’m confident I’ve found a role that ticks all the boxes; great digital investment, opportunities for professional development and I’m always surrounded by a fantastic, friendly team.

Who: Tanith Spong
What: Candidate Manager

Why: I was set on going to university all the way through school right until the last 
minute when I realised I didn’t actually know what I wanted to do. 

I decided to go to college and study Business and Administration as it was the only thing which really stood out for me. Whilst I was at college I got an admin job alongside to develop my administration and communication skills.

After a 
few years, I moved to a new job in an International Development Consultancy where I could use my Business & Admin skills. After a few months of finding suitable candidates for assignments based all over the country, I realised that it was only the recruitment side of things which I enjoyed about the job, and I wanted to do it full time. 

I searched the web and came across a position at CMD. I instantly applied for it as the job description said you didn’t need much experience, and they would train you. I’ve now been in a job I love for 3 months, working with the most friendly and professional team, and with a chance to progress in my career.

Summing up, it’s clear that there are many different academic and vocational pathways available to develop a career in recruitment. If you’re hard working, keen to learn, communicative and interested in people then recruitment might be right for you. 

We’re always open to new applicants, find out more here!