about 1 year ago by Meg Fenner Jamieson

Should Recruiters Really Stop Posting on Job Boards?


CMD Digital marketing manager Jenny Macdonald asks if recruiters really should stop posting on job boards.

Recently, recruitment bloggers have questioned how useful jobs boards are in attracting the right candidates. Articles like ‘stop posting on job boards now’ and ‘Jobs boards don’t work’ express the frustrations of some recruiters.

This statistic from Workit sums up the issue neatly:

"Job boards have a 2-4% effectiveness rate, whereas networking has over a 50% effectiveness rate."

At CMD we’ve found that jobs boards certainly bring in a good quantity of candidates, but they don’t always bring in the greatest quality of candidates.

That’s why our resource team is such a critical part of what we offer at CMD.

CMD Team

We’ve talked before about our amazing resource team, who are brilliant at sourcing that hard-to-reach candidate. With 14 years’ experience and a growing team of 35+ people, we use our local knowledge and contacts to find those excellent candidates that just don’t spend time on the jobs boards.

In the current economic climate, unemployment is at its lowest in Wiltshire for many decades, and financial uncertainty means that many people seem fearful of making a career change. These factors mean it can be very hard to source the quality candidates our clients need.

That’s why at CMD we work hard to help you build the most effective team, and that means we don’t just rely on jobs boards to bring in the candidates. We are proactive in seeking out the passive candidate, through our contacts, our candidate networks, our marketing and social outreach.

If you’d like to learn more about how CMD could help you reach the perfect candidates for your team, just contact us and we’ll make it happen.