over 2 years ago by Meg Fenner Jamieson

How to Post Job Adverts That Actually Work

How to post job adverts

It is a competitive market for employers in the UK today, with high employment and economic uncertainty meaning that many potentially brilliant candidates are staying put. 

So how can recruiters post job adverts that inspire candidates to come forward?

At CMD Recruitment we’ve successfully placed tens of thousands of job adverts, helping our clients attract the best candidates in Wiltshire and the West Country. We’ve put our heads together and have a few tips to share about posting job adverts.

Be Specific

Describe the company and its mission, outline the nature of the role, and specify a salary and location. It’s critically important to include these vital details to get the best results.

Be Brief

The average human attention span is now lower than that of a goldfish, so stick to the point!

Be Conversational

The days of business formality are far behind us, and many businesses prefer a chatty style in their job adverts. So, unless you expect candidates to behave like 1950s stereotypes, it’s ok to use abbreviations and plain language.

Use Keywords

Most job adverts are presented to candidates via search engines, so your job ad needs to make sense to Google. Imagine your ideal candidate had a bad day at work and searches for a new job. Think about what they will search for and make sure those words are included your job ad.

Sell the Benefits 

“What’s in it for me” is a perfectly sensible question for a candidate to ask of any new job.
Put yourself in the shoes of a potential employee, and think about what you have to offer to make the role attractive. What are the opportunities for training and development? Does the workplace have a fun atmosphere? Will the candidate learn new skills?

And Finally…

Check your advert. Then go away and have a cup of tea, check it again. Then print out the advert, and ask a friend to check it over. We’re aware of a weird phenomenon at CMD, called ‘document blindness’ where it becomes simply impossible to see an error in a document that you have read more than three or four times. A ‘second pair’ of eyes is invaluable at this point.

Good luck with your search!

Recruitment is always exciting. A new job advert represents a new start for an individual, and a new opportunity to develop your business and reach your team goals. At CMD Recruitment we’ve successfully advertised tens of thousands of jobs over the years, so contact our friendly team for help with your search.