almost 3 years ago by Meg Fenner Jamieson

Shorten the Process to Hire/Lose Candidate

Don't loose good candidates

The time between receiving an application to hiring is crucial. Sometimes it can take three or more interviews before decisions are made about who is best suited to a role. The problem is that the best Candidates will be likely looking around at different jobs, so they could be easily snapped up by a competitor if you wait too long to make that decision to hire. 

This is an issue that is rarely acknowledged by businesses but when you consider the impact of losing the best Candidate, it’s a problem that needs addressing. There are many ways it is possible to jeopardise a good hire with a process that drags on and on. The stages to hire include CV checking, skills testing, interviewing, re-interviewing, negotiating offers and let’s not forget that decision making can involve multiple managers, HR people and recruiters trying to coordinate and juggle within different schedules.

Time to hire

According to a LinkedIn survey – in the worst cases, hiring can take up to four months for some companies. That’s too long a time to wait if you are talented at what you do and want career progression.

Obviously, the filtering and checking is important but if you have a complex, time draining process spread over a protracted time, your interviewees might not be happy to sit at home and wait for an age for the phone to ring.

It’s also worth thinking about those Candidates that don’t get hired. If you’re jumping through hoops over a period of months, to ultimately be turned down after all that waiting, you probably won’t have a good word to say about that company to those in the profession, that you associate with.

Efficient recruitment process

We are in a time where there are less people looking for work and there’s more demand to hire from Industry. With this in mind – the skilled Candidates out there looking for a new role will be in a very strong position and be able to choose between offers from different companies, in many cases.

This is exactly why engaging in an efficient process and shortening time to hire can make the difference when looking for the perfect new employee. CMD Recruitment is using software as a solution. We have invested in a CRM that shortens the processes considerably. This way, both the Candidate and the Client win.

Contact one of our friendly Consultants at CMD Recruitment if you want a smooth and efficient recruitment process. #makeithappen