almost 3 years ago by Meg Fenner Jamieson

Why Resourcers Are Heroes of Recruitment

Resourcers are heroes blog

Dan Barfoot, CMD Operations manager, knows that a great resourcing team is key to recruitment success. 

There are increasing pressures on recruitment: fewer candidates are coming forward, and there’s a climate of fear about changing jobs in uncertain times. So agencies need to work harder to find the right talent.

This is why Resourcers are so important. They support the Recruitment Consultants in a vital role, finding the best potential Candidates through various channels and matching their skills to the needs of a role. A good Resourcer is key to a recruitment agency’s success, as they are the eyes and ears of the business, scanning across the job boards, listening to Candidates when qualifying them, sharing leads with Consultants and generally helping Candidates through the recruitment process.

The reason that Resourcers are now more important than ever, is that they give the agency a means to be more proactive in seeking out talent from places where dedicated professionals congregate – like LinkedIn, or they can communicate with those passive Candidates who registered with a job board a few years ago but have been dormant in activity since.

If an agency relies solely on its standard database to source from, they will be missing out on good leads with less visible Candidates. Resourcers can look in so many different places to find talent, from social media, newspapers and by having local market knowledge. At this point, I am going to mention that CMD has been trading locally for over 13 years and have a team of nearly 30, so be assured we have both the regional knowledge and the workforce to really utilise it.

Resourcers also manage Candidates’ aspirations or flag-up a serious issue to Consultants before too much work has been carried out on what might be an inappropriate match. They can spot misaligned expectations in a role which could prove problematic. For example, say, they approach a Candidate and speak to them about a role with a defined salary of X but after the Candidate reviews the full information on the role, they decide they’ll dictate what the employer should be paying. This could mean an interview would simply be wasting everyone’s time.

Resourcers also have to manage working to timelines, as in this market – good Candidates aren’t unemployed for long, so sometimes the best option is being honest with an employer by telling them if they don’t interview ASAP then the opportunity to hire this person will go, as they’ll be snapped up by someone else, possibly a rival company.

This all shows how critical the tasks of a Resourcer are, and how having a good Resourcer makes such a big difference to a recruitment operation. They are often the unsung heroes of recruitment, so deserve a solid mention for their worth.

I also wanted to illustrate how CMD Recruitment has all the layers of staff needed to find the right talent. I often talk about technology and how we get the best of it but the people behind our resourcing, delivery and who give our business momentum, are really the best in the business and will find Candidates where other agencies have missed them.

Contact us for advice on how we can help you get the right person for the job or if you are looking for a job, our friendly recruitment team are best placed to find that role you are looking for.