over 2 years ago by Meg Fenner Jamieson

The Value of Training in the Workplace

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When you hire someone to do a job, you expect them to be capable of the tasks that need doing in that role. However, everyone has weaknesses that can be improved on or the potential to improve and master new skills. When you embrace and schedule training for your workforce, there will be many benefits for the company as a result. 

By giving your employees access to free training and leverage to attain new qualifications, your business may just gain a competitive edge. 

The advantages begin from the recruitment stage. If people interested in joining your company know they will progress in their abilities because you care to train them, that’s a big incentive to join but also to stick with the company in the long run. 

Training raises standards

Beyond this, the benefits of expanding the knowledge and competence of your employees will pay dividends. This is a classic Return on Investment. If your company is only as good as your weakest links then iron them out and your business will have a consistent, professional and informed workforce.

Ongoing training ensures people understand the intricacies of policies, practices and professional conduct in their sector. It ensures high standards are maintained. The benefits will show in everything from staff retention to brand reputation.

Industries constantly change and so keeping up with those changes and updates is important to understand, to remain relevant. In a similar way, technology changes fast, so keeping on top of new technologies, software and online platforms means everyone in the company can engage with modern tools and media.

Workforce strength

By training your workers, they can progress through to promotion, which keeps morale up and means the people in your company really become a part of the company. There’s less chance of a high turnover.

Whilst some companies will be concerned about the costs of training, it’s worth considering the costs of not training, for example: mistakes, inefficiency, reputational damage, low morale.

Training is more accessible these days. It can be in the classroom but it can also be online, which might be more cost effective for all involved.

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