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Ask the Recruitment Experts

Ask an expert CMD Recruitment blog

With three offices serving Wiltshire and Somerset, CMD Recruitment works closely with local businesses and Candidates looking for jobs. We questioned two Consultants for a behind the scenes view of the local recruitment industry. 

Hannah Chiffers, Commercial Temps Consultant

What’s the best thing about working in recruitment?

HC: I love the buzz! I thrive on meeting new people and building long-standing relationships. It’s always great to hear from Candidates, years after you have placed them.

Do businesses stay loyal to you as a recruitment company?

HC: Yes, very. CMD Recruitment has gone from strength to strength in the past 13 years and our Clients prefer us as an independent, local recruitment agency, with proven Consultants, who know the local market well and who deliver time and time again.

Is the recruitment sector in Wiltshire strong right now?

HC: Unemployment is at an all-time low in Wiltshire, so Clients no longer interview large volumes of Candidates. It’s even more important therefore, to find high quality Candidates. Sometimes, Candidates have multiple interviews for numerous roles and have the luxury of choosing which role to accept and that’s something the market hasn’t seen in a long time.

Laura Westall, Senior Recruitment Consultant

What’s your success rate in matching Candidates to jobs?

LW: In 2017 I placed dozens of people into permanent roles but success is also measured by winning new contracts and arranging interviews.

What’s the most unusual interview question you have heard of?

LW: “How do you fit a giraffe into a fridge?” Of course, we want the giraffe to be alive, so no chopping off body parts but what we don’t know, is the size of the fridge. It’s a clever question, as a thoughtful Candidate should assess the situation before responding.

What’s a typical day like in the CMD office?

LW: We start at 8am, as reacting to emails early means we are ahead of the game. We then get together to discuss Clients, Candidates and roles. Throughout the day, using the latest tools, I’ll discover suitable applicants for vacancies. The busy day is broken up by registrations, Client visits, networking and managing interviews. There may be individuals who are too busy in working hours to contact, so staying past home time to speak to them is worth the extra hour.

What kind of personal qualities do the best Candidates usually share?

LW: Confidence and positivity ensure you stand out, whilst being responsive and realistic will mean no ‘hiccups’ down the line and demonstrates commitment. Other qualities that we seek are enthusiasm, loyalty, determination and being sincere.

Hannah Chiffers, Commercial Temps Consultant, Direct Dial: Hannah Chiffers 01225 805080 Email:hannah@cmdrecruitment.com

Laura Westall, Senior Recruitment Consultant, Direct Dial: Laura Westall 01249 478516 Email:laura_westall@cmdrecruitment.com