about 3 years ago by Meg Fenner Jamieson

Incentives That Keep Staff Motivated

Incentives to keep staff motivated

Work pays the bills but when a candidate is considering joining a company, they will likely be thinking about all the implications taking a role might have on their lifestyle. As an employer, it’s worth thinking a little harder about how to make a job more attractive. 

Here are a few incentives that can make life better for everyone in the company and career paths more attractive.


Recognition for ‘stand-out’ achievements and quality work is important for employees to know they are doing well and to give them a reason to try to do well. Depending on the business, that can be anything from ‘employee of the month’ to annual internal awards and financial bonuses, or even gift ceremonies. Having a structured system of recognition and awards is a classic way to drive performance and get employees wanting more.


For workers who work 5 days a week, they should receive 28 days paid leave per year. However, some companies offer extra days as incentives – for example, allowing employees to always take their birthday off, or as a reward for doing a great job on a project. Holiday days can make for great bargaining chips at an interview if you want someone to work for you.

Work environment

When a role is in an office space, the space where someone is positioned makes a tangible difference to their every day at the company. Does the office have a nice feel? Does it have windows, plants, pictures on the wall and how are the desks arranged? Are the chairs comfortable? Can you hear yourself think? Is there a breakout area? Can you talk to the people you need to easily? When you show someone where they might be spending their next ten years – think about what they see when they do their first office tour.

Remote working

A Regus report stated that 50% of workers work outside their office 2.5 days a week. The same report indicated that 55% of those working remotely, said it helped them concentrate and be more productive – as well as save costs on travel. With cloud applications, messaging and VoIP, the technology is there for everyone to enjoy remote working and remain connected to an office.

Social life

Getting employees drunk in the pub every Friday might not be the smartest move but sharing a couple of drinks, encouraging participation in a sport, going to an event together as a team (team building days are popular) – it can help colleagues to become friends, to talk freely and reveal personalities. Some companies have an end of week glass of wine or arrange a once a month ‘long lunch’ on the company. These little perks can make a company more human, fun and boost morale.

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